The Unwritten Rules of Women's Leadership (Hörbuch-Download, MP3)

Hörbuchdownload - Step into your power, write your own rules and succeed in your career, Sprecher: Helen Appleby
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I was told that'girls can do anything that boys can do', but it helps to know the unwritten rules If you struggle to be seen and heard the right way, don't know how to ask for the mentorship you need, aren't getting promoted as fast as you deserve, or find it difficult to achieve a fair balance between home and work, The Unwritten Rules of Women's Leadership will give you the self-awareness, confidence and tools to lead yourself, your teams and your organisation effectively. Based on Helen's years of experience, research and best-practice thinking, it distils what women need to know to succeed in business but aren't taught at work. Learn how to: Make your invisible work visible Build your inner and outer confidence Find and ask for the mentors and sponsors that will accelerate your career Have difficult conversations and resolve conflict Manage your stakeholders to get yourself promoted
Helen Appleby is a women's leadership expert, coach and trainer who has navigated her own path to success in corporate life. She has run a billion-dollar global business and lived and worked in six countries. The book is what she wishes she had known earlier in her career. Visit