The Quest for an Ideal Youth in Putin's Russia I

Back to Our Future! History, Modernity and Patriotism according to Nashi, 2005-2012 - Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society 114, Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics and Society 114

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This important book analyzes the dubious role of the so-called Democratic Antifascist Youth Movement `Nashi´ in contemporary Russia. Part and parcel of the Putinist project of political stabilization, Nashi dominates state-sponsored youth politics in Russia, communicating demands from official discourse to a young audience. Idealizing the past, present, and future of Putin`s Russia, Nashi mobilized young Russians through its emotional appeal, skillful use of symbolic politics and the promise for professional self-realization. However, the movement`s impact remains limited - mostly due to its internal contradictions. Based on original and meticulous research, Ivo Mijnssen skillfully picks apart the dynamics underlying Nashi`s influence and furthers a deeper understanding of state-sponsored youth politics in early 21st century Russia.

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